Boom! Press Release!

Hello RunDarenRun Supporters!

I can remember telling my friends and family about this crazy idea to run across the country over 2 years ago.It’s almost hard to believe that we are only 85 days away! As you can imagine, this run is a logistical tornado and we need your help getting the word out there! This is why we created for you an email and press release! Now all you have to do is add an email and send it out to people/news outlets you think would be interested.  All you need is below! Feel free to copy and paste!

Dear (News, Church, Friend), 

In 89 days a Michigan man will begin a run across America that will touch thousands of lives.

Daren is inviting runners with him on each leg, and 35 runners have already committed to join him. (Think flash mob meets Forrest Gump!)

The run will take him from LA to NY in just 100 days at a pace of one marathon per day…yes, every single day.

Daren’s athletic feat will be spectacular, but the best part is the reason: Daren runs for people who need clean water and sanitation.

#RunDarenRun has already raised over $14,200 toward the $100k goal, with donations from individuals and businesses all over the country.

We’d appreciate it if you would help us to share this story.

Daren is a great interview and his passion for this cause are contagious. (This isn’t his first endurance event.)

Please see the attached press release and contact Amie soon!  Tomorrow it will be only 85 days away.

Thank you for your time,

(Your Name) 

RunDarenRun Press Release


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