Ready, Set…

After 2 years of preparation, 3800 training miles, a recent move out of Michigan and 60+ hours on the road, WE HAVE MADE IT TO CALIFORNIA!

Bob, Danielle and Mike all set to go in their new home!
Finally at the starting line, I can look back with awe of all God has done since I first wondered the thought, “What would it take to run across the country?” God’s provision follows his vision, and we are beyond grateful for all those who supported us and for those who have bought shirts/hoodies to help fund our gas and food cost. The trailer (a.k.a. magic bus) is ready to be home sweet home, and interviews from media are already coming in!
Enjoying all the views out west!
We envy your prayers as we are in anticipation for God to move and multiply our efforts as we travel throughout the next 100 days. Good things are happening. We even had a lady donate to the cause simply because she passed our trailer on the highway and looked up RunDarenRun!
Interview with KSBY in San Louis Obisbo
Stay tuned for updates and pictures! You can also add to our gas and food fund by buying a tech shirt or hoodie at

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