Mr. RrrunDarrrenRrrun

The other day I got perhaps one of the most encouraging emails I have ever gotten. My co-worker Julie returned from Borena, where the funds from the Run are going, and she reported this back to me:

Hi Daren,

I’m not actually in Borena anymore, but I wanted to greet you on behalf of the people there (Borenians?). You are making quite the impact! Everywhere I went, people asked if you were still running and how you are doing, then they would invariably shake their heads in amazement. In the village, I wouldn’t understand anything except an occasional murmur “rrrundarrrenrrrun” with the rolled ‘r’.
I think the most impactful thing is that you are giving your own strength and body for them. Maybe they are used to people giving money, or they think that Americans are all rich, but the thing that everyone kept saying was that you were not just giving money, you were giving yourself for theircommunity.
The participants were so moved that they wanted to do something special for you. They decided to give a ceremony for you, so one participant wrote a poem (I believe we have it on tape) and one participant gave a sermon about the good samaritan and how you are being the good neighbor, giving your own body and time for others (I am pretty sure he thought Rundarenrun is your name because he kept referring to you as Mr. Rundarenrun), and they presented money that they themselves fundraised: $247!
I attached the letter they wrote and the picture they took for you. We all prayed for your health and strength and encouragement.
I hope you are doing well and that you are filled with encouragement! Keep it up!
WASH letter

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